Bell Plug & Drive black box car insurance

uses the latest Plug & Drive black-box technology to help eligible young drivers get a fair deal. We've also removed the curfews, monthly mileage limits and your premium will never increase during the policy term due to your driving score. Most customers get a discount within their renewal premium.

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We're not like other black box companies

You only need to use Bell Plug & Drive for the first 6 months of your policy. We believe in taking the hassle out of black-box car insurance.

Up to 6 months

Just use the Plug & Drive box continuously for up to 6 months. The majority of users will get further discounts on their renewal premium.

No curfews

Drive when you like. Frequent late night driving can affect your driving score but won't increase your premium until you renew.

Savings available

Further savings available at renewal point.

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Freedom to drive where and when you like

There are no time constraints and no mileage restrictions other than your declared annual mileage.

No hassle - just great features

Just Plug & Drive

Easy and convenient self installation in the 12volt socket of your car (just plug in and drive). See our video of how easy it is to install.

Update on your driving

We update you on your driving skills through regular emails.

No driving penalties

We promise to never penalise your driving by increasing prices during the policy term.

No monthly mileage limit

You're free to drive when and where you like; there are no mileage restrictions and no time constraints.

It's easy to use, just Plug & Drive

Great prices

Buy a Plug & Drive policy and get a great price.

Plug & Drive

Easy and convenient self installation in the 12V socket of your car.

Return your device

We will notify you when to return your Plug & Drive box.

Frequently asked questions

About the policy

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Can I drive my car before the unit is plugged in?

Yes, you can drive your car as soon as your cover starts. We will send you the unit which will need be plugged in within 14 days of policy start.

Will I have a curfew with the policy?

No, you can drive at any time of the day or night with no curfew - however frequently driving at risky times, such as after 10pm, will reduce your driving score.

Is there a restriction on how many miles I can drive?

Minimum mileage is 1,900. There is no maximum mileage.

What is safe driving?

Safe driving includes factors like driving within the speed limit, avoiding risky manoeuvres such as harsh acceleration and braking, cornering or swerving and driving late at night during the hours of 10pm - 4am. We appreciate that sometimes these are unavoidable, for example an emergency stop, however repeated or excessive speeding, harsh manoeuvres or late-night driving will affect your driving score.

How do you know who was driving?

We do not ask you to tell us who is driving the insured vehicle at any particular time. Your driving score will be calculated on overall use of the car, so you will need to make all named drivers aware that they can influence your driving score.

What happens if I change my car?

Simply unplug the Plug and Drive unit from your old car and put it straight in the new one.

Will I have to pay anything if I do not renew my policy at the end of the first year?

If you do not renew your policy there will be no additional charges. You will only have to pay the cancellation charge if the policy is cancelled before renewal.

What are the plug and drive eligibility criteria?

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Car value over - £750
  • Premium over - £650
  • Mileage over 1,900

Will you cancel my cover if I drive badly?

We use the information from the Plug & Drive device to assess the overall vehicle use and we'll send regular feedback updates that will inform you if your driving score is good, average or poor.

Plug & Drive is all about rewarding safe drivers, however, if you are scoring poorly, the policy will be at risk of being revoked following a 7-day cancellation notice.

About the unit

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What does the unit look like?

The unit has a 12v plug similar to a sat nav or mobile phone charger, attached via a cable to a small rectangular sensor unit. See our video of how easy it is to install.

Where do I plug the unit into?

The unit simply plugs into the 12v power socket (sometimes referred to as the cigarette lighter) which is normally found on our dashboard or in the central console of the car, within easy reach of the driver's seat. Full instructions are included with the unit, and a video guide can be seen here.

What if I want to charge my phone or Sat Nav?

Most modern phone chargers and satellite navigation systems do not utilise the 12v socket. The Plug and Drive unit has an inbuilt USB socket, so you can charge USB compatible devices on the go!

What if the unit doesn't fit my 12v power socket?

The unit is designed to be universal, so should fit in any 12v socket - however all cars are different, so if you do have any problem plugging in or using the unit please call Customer Services on 0333 220 2011. Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than calls to national geographic numbers (starting 01 or 02) from both mobiles and landlines.

When will the unit be delivered?

We will send out the unit within 7 days of your policy starting, via recorded delivery.

Do I own the unit?

No, we own the unit and we will ask you to return the unit to us, so please keep the box and packaging that the unit is sent in.

Can I remove the unit?

Once you fit your unit, it should stay in your car until we request it back. Frequent or prolonged removal may cause your policy to be cancelled.

How long do I leave the unit plugged in for?

Please leave the unit plugged in until we ask you to return it, which will typically be up to the 6 month point of your policy.

About the data

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What data does the unit collect?

The unit collects information about when the car is used, how far it travels and its location, as well as data on your driving behaviour including speed, acceleration and braking.

How is the data used?

The information is used to analyse your driving behaviour and to verify your policy details.

Does the unit know where I am?

The unit does collect your location data but we only use it for what we need to, this helps us to create your personalised driving score.

Do you share the data with any third parties?

We only share the data with those companies required to provide the services under the policy, such as the unit provider. Data isn't sold or shared with anyone else.

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