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The legend of Brent Butane

Born in Reno, Nevada in 1943, Brent was always destined for stardom as his dad mixed with the stars on a regular a handyman on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. Brent got his first taste of the industry as an enthusiastic 20 year old, cleaning up on the set of The Birds and knew from that moment, that the screen was for him. His big break came in 1968 as '5th background ape' in Planet of the Apes, and when falling over due to lack of vision in his costume, his potential as a stuntman was spotted by a producer who told him he could be the next big thing.


His first outing as a fully fledged stuntman came as '3rd bandit' in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where his work was so good, rumours circulated he could be the next James Bond. James Bond did come calling in 1973 following a string of epic stunt performances. But as Brent explained in his 1994 autobiography: 'A Lung Full of Butane', rather than take the main part, he wanted to stay true to his stunt roots and chose instead to be shot and killed by Bond. He continued turning in groundbreaking (and bone breaking) performances through the 1970s and into the 80s.

Small screen

And the roles kept coming, this time on the small screen, with Brent the go to man when a stair fall or car crash was needed. Brent could be seen in episodes of Vega$, Falcon Crest and Manimal to name but a few, and into the 90s appeared in a host of timeless TV movie classics.

Brent on tour

Brent took to the road in 2001 with a one man stunt show around the Mid West to raise money to pay for his third divorce, but was forced into retirement following an unfortunate incident involving a motorbike, a tank and a cannonball.

Darlene Butane

He lives with his current wife Darlene in Malibu and still dreams of one last explosion on the big screen. To quote Brent from a recent interview, "When danger's touched your life, it's got a hold of you, and it's not letting go. Danger fears me."

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